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The Bacchae by Euripides

Director: Scott Boyd

Scenic Designer: Jay Mullens

Lighting Designer: Paul Gary

Costumes, Hair, and Makeup Designer: Skylar Grieco

I chose to use Paul Tazewell as my famous designer influence. Pictured on the right are an assortment of his designs showing off colors and rendering inspiration that I attempted to draw upon in my own design.

The Bacchae Research Slides

Dionysus Research-page-001
Dionysus Research-page-002
Pentheus Research-page-001
Pentheus Research-page-002
Agave Research-page-001
Agave Research-page-002
Cadmus Research-page-001
Cadmus Research-page-002
Chorus Research-page-001
Chorus Research-page-002

The Bacchae Costume, Hair, and Makeup Renderings

Dionysus costume prelim
Dionysus costume final_
Dionysus makeup prelim
Dionysus makeup final
Pentheus costume prelim
Pentheus costume final
Pentheus Makeup prelim
Pentheus Makeup final
Agave costume prelim
Agave costume final
Agave makeup prelim
Agave makeup final
Cadmus costume prelim
Cadmus costume final
Cadmus makeup prelim
Cadmus makeup final
Chorus Prelim
Chorus makeup final
Chorus Costume prelim
Chorus Costume final
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