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The Bacchae by Euripides

Director: Scott Boyd

Scenic Designer: Jay Mullens

Lighting Designer: Paul Gary

Costumes, Hair, and Makeup Designer: Skylar Grieco

I chose to use Paul Tazewell as my famous designer influence. Pictured on the right are an assortment of his designs showing off colors and rendering inspiration that I attempted to draw upon in my own design.

The Bacchae Research Slides

Dionysus Research-page-001
Dionysus Research-page-002
Pentheus Research-page-001
Pentheus Research-page-002
Agave Research-page-001
Agave Research-page-002
Cadmus Research-page-001
Cadmus Research-page-002
Chorus Research-page-001
Chorus Research-page-002

The Bacchae Costume, Hair, and Makeup Renderings

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