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The Magic Play

By Andrew Hinderacker

Rolling World Premiere

Olney Theatre Center 2017

Director: Halena Kays

Assistant Director: Skylar Grieco

Scenic Designer: Elizabeth Bracken

Lighting Designer: Jesse Belsky

Costume Designer: Alison Siple

Sound Designer: Matthew Nielson

Projection Designer: John "Smooch" Medina

Magic Designer: Brett Schneider

Magic Consultant: Jim Steinmeyer

Aerials Consultant: Sylvia Hernandez Distasi

Photos: Jesse Belsky


  • Run rehearsal with "Father" character

  • Script coordinate revisions and edits from the playwright

  • Collaborate with the director on artistic and blocking choices

  • Serve as "volunteer" in the Magic Show

  • Note taking during tech rehearsals and previews

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