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The Diary of Anne Frank

By Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich

Improv Playhouse 2018

Director: Skylar Grieco

Producer: David Stuart

Sound Design: Mason Absher

Props Design: Skylar Grieco

Costume Design: Sarah Cushman

Study Guide: Skylar Grieco

The Diary of Anne Frank was produced through my position with Improv Playhouse as the Creative Director of Theatre for Young Audiences at the Highland Park Community House and Round Lake Beach Civic Center north of Chicago, IL.


The show was presented specifically to middle school students and their teachers who attended as a field trip to supplement their study of World War II and the Holocaust. It truly is a story that can't be told enough, especially in light of recent studies suggesting that more and more young people aren't aware of the severity of the genocide. Over 500 students engaged with this performance and the supplemental educational materials which can be viewed here.

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