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Next To Normal
By Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey

"I Am The One"
"My Psycho-pharmacologist and I"
"Catch Me I'm Falling"
"It's Gonna Be Good"
"He's Not Here"
"You Don't Know"
"I Am The One"
"Dr. Rock"
"I'm Alive"
"I Dreamed A Dance"
"I've Been"
"A Light In The Dark"
"Wish I Were Here"
"Wish I Were Here"
"Hey #1"
"Why Stay/A Promise"
"Make Up Your Mind (Reprise)"
"Hey #3/Perfect For You (Reprise)"
"Hey #3/Perfect For You (Reprise)"
"I Am The One (Reprise)"

Middle Tennessee State University 2017
Director: Skylar Grieco
Music Director: Mesa Schubeck
Choreographer: Megan Castleberry
Scenic Designer: Angela Forte
Lighting Designer: Mark Marchan
Costume Designer: Dakota Bryn
Projection Designer: Courtney Coppa
Stage Manager: Justin Dixon
Technical Director: Jay Mullens
Props Master: Brianna Smart
Photos: Martin O'Conner


Next to Normal Teaser

Behind the Scenes of Next to Normal

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