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My Dear Watson

By Jami Leigh-Bartschi

Chicago Musical Theatre Festival 2019

Director: Skylar Grieco

Producer: Mark Bartschi

Music Director: Alexander Tom

Stage Manager: Austyn Davis

Lighting Designer: Sydney Smith

Costume Designer: Hannah Haverkamp

ASM/Props Designer: Cal Walker

Photos: Sarah Cushman

My Dear Watson is a new musical based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. In this dramatic musical told from the perspective of Dr. Watson, we are forced to reanalyze and redefine love and friendship for a man who is seemingly incapable of both. Is there a man in the machine?

My Dear Watson was produced as a participant in the 2019 Chicago Musical Theatre Festival and Michelle McKenzie-Voight was awarded Best Actress of the festival for her performance as Mrs. Hudson. 

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