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Dog Sees God

By Bert V. Royal

Middle Tennessee State University 2015

Director: Skylar Grieco

Scenic Designer: Scott Boyd

Lighting Designer: Mark Marchan

Costume Designer: Tommy Macon

Stage Manager: Kyle Garmon

Production Manager: Justin Reed

Photos: Martin O'Conner

Dog Sees God by Bert V. Royal was an incredible show to work on. The show explores high school, sexuality, bullying, mental illness, among other themes, in a way that is so well crafted and thought provoking that it can't be ignored. It was important to me that we showcase the honest trials and tribulations of being different, particularly in high school. Royal's use of the Peanuts characters crafts a familiar world for the audience to connect with the story instantly and genuinely. While the show is considered dark comedy, I believe that at the end of it all one should feel cleansed and restored with hope.

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